realizzata interamente con materiali eco-sostenibili e decorazioni naturali, in grado di rendere l’arredamento raffinato ed elegante

hu stay

mobile home

Welcome to hu, welcome home.

The kitchen with everything you need to start the day with the smell of fresh coffee and the chirping of the birds. A space all of your own where you can laugh, talk and enjoy every minute of your stay. All for hu!

hu glamp


Welcome to your tent, as hu like it.

Glamping combines the authenticity of camping with all the comforts of a holiday home: the comfort of a shower in your room and a kitchenette in the living room. Genuine hotel rooms amidst the greenery.

hu room


Welcome to your room, as hu like it.

The charm of the open air and the comfort of a hotel room, to enjoy all the services of the village from a peaceful location.
nb: The hotel does not have an elevator.

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