What is the village regulation?

Check-in and check-out

Entrance to the site is possible from 11:00 after signing in at the reception with a valid ID card or passport. Guests must check in as soon as possible; the check-in time is from 15:00 and a valid ID card or passport for all guests is required. Data from these documents will be stored as per our legal obligations. All guests, after having paid their bill ( including any extras ), must check out by 10:00 and leave the site; failure to comply with check-out or departure times will incur in a penalty equivalent to the price of an additional night of stay.

Vehicles: use and access

Motor vehicles may, using the appropriate routes and adhering to the times displayed at the entrance, access their designated areas in complete accordance with the check-in procedure – in other words, ensuring that identification is displayed on entry and the appropriate form of recognition is always displayed in clear view on the windscreen. The site speed limit is 10 km/h and all vehicles must keep to the signposted areas. Any vehicles parked outside of these areas may be removed. In general, we ask you to not use motor vehicles on site unless absolutely necessary.


The maximum number of guests permissible in one accommodation unit is displayed on that accommodation unit’s data sheet. One car, or two motorcycles, may be admitted to the site for each accommodation unit booked.


Any pets that comply with administrative and sanitary norms may access the site, except for in certain indicated areas. Dogs must always be on a lead, and in communal areas they must wear a muzzle and may only roam in designated areas. Owners must always clean away their pet’s waste, and ensure that their pets do not disturb the peace and quiet. Owners are responsible for any inconvenience caused to other guests by their pets. If the pet is kept inside the accommodation, a supplement of €60,00 per stay or a supplement of €30,00 per stay for stays up to 3 nights (valid only for hu openair accommodations), will be charged to the guest to cover extra cleaning costs.

Maintaining quiet and respect other guests

Guests are requested to always respect other people’s peace and quiet, especially between 23.00 and 07.30. During the nights, we ask guests to avoid shouting or talking loudly, and to lower the volume of televisions, radios and any other electronic devices. Guests are also asked to try to avoid arguing and to respect other people’s privacy, opinions, personal space, and to avoid behaving in a way that might cause damage to others.

Hygiene and respect for the environment

All guests are required to respect their surroundings and to keep the site clean and tidy, making sure that they dispose of any waste in the appropriate containers. It is forbidden to light fires, deposit fuel or rubble, light barbecues (unless authorised) or in any way cause damage to vegetation. Any illness must be immediately reported to the management, and the management will in no way be held responsible for any damage to persons caused by illnesses, epidemics or parasites.

Safety and security

The property has on-site porters and security guards. Guests are asked to respect the instructions they are given to guarantee everyone’s security and compliance with regulations. In case of emergency, guests must follow the instructions given on evacuation plans and by employees. In case of emergency, or to ensure guests’ safety, access to certain areas or attractions on site may be temporarily prohibited.

Minors and persons of diminished autonomy

Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that this set of regulations is adhered to by those over whom they have parental or equal responsibility. Minors unaccompanied by adults may neither gain access to nor stay at the property.

Safekeeping of property

All guests are responsible for their personal belongings and the management will in no way be held responsible for any the$ or damages which may occur on the premises, whether in communal areas or in the guest’s accommodation itself. Guests may leave items of luggage or other personal belongings for safekeeping at the reception or, if available, other dedicated areas; these items may not exceed € 2,500.00 in value. The management accepts no responsibility beyond the aforementioned sum for any the$ or damage. The management will also not be held liable for any damage caused by force majeure, including inclement weather or fallen trees, plants, pine cones, fruit etc…

Medical service

The site has a trained medical professional. This person operates independently of the property and as such the property assumes no responsibility for this person. Prices and hours of service are displayed on the medical clinic’s door.

Opening times

All facilities, commercial outlets and attractions within the site are subject to the opening times displayed at their entrance.

Sport facilities

The site contains the following free-to-access sporting facilites: soccer field, beach volleyball, grass volleyball and ping-pong tablea. The management assumes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that guests might cause to themselves or others whilst or due to using the aforementioned facilities.

Price and payments

Prices are displayed at reception; guests are also required to pay an additional accommodation tax of 1,50 €, as stipulated by the local authority of Valeggio sul Mincio, resolution number 231 of 19/11/2018; minors up to 14 years old, the handicapped not self sufficient, with medical certification and their carers, people that assist hospitalized patients in the structures of the territory heath care (are Exemption 2 people for each patient), the bus drivers and the tour guides that assist the groups organized by travel and tourist agencies, Member of National, Provincial and Local police forces and members of the National Fire Serving having official reason for staying, are exempt from paying the above tax. The stay, together with the tourist tax, must be paid for upon check in, unless it has already been paid in advance. Any extra charges incurred during the stay are to be paid upon check-out.

Use of the swimming pool

As well as behaving with consideration to other bathers, guests are required to exercise caution when using the swimming pool: diving is not permitted, and access to the pool can only be gained using the appropriate entrances, rinsing oneself before entry, and, if applicable, using the provided ladders to enter the water. Running or jumping in the pool area is not permitted. Any play equipment must be used for its intended purpose, with guests waiting their turn and allowing the previous bather to fully vacate the area before using. It is forbidden for bathers to submerge themselves in areas of water that are not expressly suitable for that purpose. It is forbidden to bring inside the swimming pool area any kind of glass to ensure the safety of the village guests. Smoking is not permitted in the pools area.


The reservation of each accommodation unit permits day access (from 10.00 to 22.00) for a maximum of 4 visitors. The fee charged for each guest is available at reception. Larger numbers of visitors may only be hosted with the management’s authorisation.

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