What is the swimming pool regulation?

Main rules

• It’s mandatory to take a shower before entering the pool
• It’s mandatory to wash your feet in the special tubs
• It’s mandatory to wear your wristband for identification
• All children under 10yo must be accompanied by an adult
• Wait at least 3 hours from your last meal before bathing
• Don’t walk barefoot in the pool area or to go to the toilet, use your footwear

It's forbidden

• To dive
• To bring dogs
• Bathing during particular weather conditions
• To bring glass objects
• To run and push each other
• To reserve sunbeds. The life guards will remove towels when it
is clear that the owners are not in the pool.

Water slides safety rules

• Don’t hold your children when using the water slide
• Don’t walk on the slide in the opposite direction
• Don’t stand up while sliding

In case of emergency

In case of emergency ask lifeguards for help. Lifeguard stations are
equipped with emergency and first aid kits

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